20100719 – Day one?

So, I have two ideas I would like to work on.

1) I would like to prototype a robot game I have in mind.   This came up as a result of miniLD20, but I ended up with little time this weekend for code.   Basically you guide a robot around a grid using a series of commands.  The robots (Your and the ais / other players) are trying to retrive goodies found on the map.  Whoever takes the most goodies, wins.

2) An C++ / DirectX engine / platform / framework / whatever that has python integration built in.   I might write more about this later, but this is mostly a for fun for me project.   I’ll be using the popular boost::python library for integration.

I pretty much spent my hour today setting up the information for GreedyRobots.  Wing IDE / pygame / and a framework I’m used to working in.  The plan for this is to pygame this guy up pretty quickly, so I can experiment with different rules or modes of play.

Right now there is a black screen.  GO ME!


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