I’m really bad at this ‘Every Day’ thing, aren’t I!

At least I’ve touched my game every Day. Sunday I spent writing down my ideas into a ‘Design Document’ (though, I’m sure any real game designers would scoff at it.)  I also started on modeling the walls.

Then Monday I spent ineffectually debugging the wall model I built.  Seriously, I spun serious wheels.

The Tuesday I took another crack at it, and figured out that I was giving the wrong Vertex Declaration for my walls, so what I got was more or less random.   Haha.  Anyway, I got to this:

So, that was fixed, then I fixed a small typo.  Then I looked at my list.  Thought about the next thing on it, and decided to play with shadow maps instead.  And I actually got them working, except they’re all jagged and crappy.  So I’m going to plow into Cascaded Shadow Maps pretty soon, to fix the bug.  Squiiish.

Or maybe I’ll go back to the to do list.  You know, gameplay needs and all.

To do list below:

  1. 1. Finish Wall Modeling
  2. Create simple input method for placing walls
  3. Create algorithm for detecting enclosed walls
    1. Make Walls remove neighbor calculations

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