IF 2009 – Grounded in Space

Grounded in Space

If you want to tell a lot of backstory, just text dump?   Don’t make me feel stupid for fumbling around for the noun/verb combination you’re willing to accept to _start_ the damn game.  This happened in Interface too.  It must be a trend in IF.  I still don’t have to like it.  WTF did that accomplish?  Especially for a 1 puzzle game.  Why was this little vignette even needed?  As long as this game was it could have easily been ‘… Now you’ve done it and you’re stuck on this mining ship…’.

Then you’re on a ship and you have to scan through all of this info:

System Overview — (This doesn’t even actually have an entry)
This Vessel
The Bridge
The Engines
The Probe Storage Hold
This Computer
The Spinward Claim
The Punishment Regime

Seriously?  Why did you make me do this?  There’s what.. 1 puzzle in this game?  Maybe 3, if I’m being charitable.  The one actual puzzle is way more fiddly then it needs to be.   I _knew_ the answer, and then it took me 20 minutes of tinkering with angles to get the answer input into the computer, which was just frustrating.

It seems like the author wanted to write a much longer game, but ran out of time.   The writing was good, but nothing to write home about.  The plot wasn’t that compelling.  No bugs, though, and it was pretty generous with the verbs and synonyms, so what is here is pretty polished.


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