IF 2009 – The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

Okay.  If this doesn’t involve at least one locker room I’m going to be very sad.  Actually it turns out not to involve very much at all.  Our character must be pretty dumb if he spent all this time making himself invisible, and then has these sort of obstacles to overcome.

Okay, there’s a sort of unfair death right off the bat.  It seems sort of.. well, unfair I guess.  You open the oven, see a pizza, and try and eat it.   Seems logical to me.  Oh well.   I guess it factors into a puzzle later that it can kill you.  Finding things out by death is somewhat a tradition.

I took a break in playing this.  Much of the initial exploration and tracing around took place on Saturday, then I picked the game up again on Sunday.   Where upon I figured out that none of the ‘backwards’ exits are listed in the room descriptions.   Rrrr.   So more guess the direction to get back to my house.

After that, I wandered around for a while, read some spoiler.   Wandered, read a little more spoiler.   Decided the game wasn’t really worth it.  The location descriptions are very sparse.  The game does a pretty good job of making you get into the part you’re playing, but the game’s logic just isn’t for me, and I don’t see much of a point in continuing to play the game if I’m just following the walkthrough.  No bugs I could find.


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